banana3.0 This is a prototype of the Banana Dusters we will use to stage THE WORLD’S FIRST OUTDOOR E-SPORTS EVENT at Web Summit in Dublin this year. Exciting times ahead!

Banana Tag

bananaz2 We have been invited to give a Augmented Reality presentation at Web Summit this year. Enterprise Ireland are backing us, and we will stage a city-wide game in Dublin. The shape of our Dusters was discussed. Hints were made that a shape change would be welcome.

And so Behold. A sneak preview of the Duster 3.0.

The New Orange

bananaWe have started to build out the BANANAS app Vladimir released last year (like the YO! app, except with bananas) incorporating an outdoor game using banana duster hardware.


reviews You can link to the app here – BANANAS – and if you ever needed tangible evidence that the world is strange place indeed, consider that it has 5,000 downloads and 121 positive reviews, with next to nothing in the way of marketing and promotion.

The next phase is to add MONKEYS, a competitive gaming engine, and AR Headsets.

Monkey Business!


grilla Concept art by Jean-Baptiste VenDamme. We want to call the game BANANA REPUBLIC (but have been advised against it). Two teams will play a city wide game, the object of which is to ‘chimp’ your opponents with your banana duster, turning them into monkeys.

Outdoor Gaming Zones (Beacons)



sam We bought a kit of six Onyx Beacons from Romania, set them up around Namesti Miru in Prague, and tested our AR app with the developer SEG glasses Sony gave us last year.
The app and glasses work just fine.

Outdoor Gaming Zones (Headsets)

subway 0

subway 1

subway 2

subway 3 Last year, Sony approached us to develop an FPS game for their SEG headset demos at IFA (Berlin) and CES (Vegas). They gave us a bunch of latest model Xperia Z3 phones and two developer model SmartEyeglass headsets, and we built an Augmented Reality street game that could be played anywhere, by any one, at any time. Powered by Bluetooth and wifi, resulting in latency problems, depending upon the strength of your phone signal. It became clear we would need some kind of i-Beacon solution to make this run smoothly.

Regional E-Sports

lubeck 2

lubeck team2 Introducing our first Dustcloud E-Sports Mini-League. Agent JNZ from Lübeck, up in the north of Germany, met us at IFA and persuaded us to ‘lend’ him six of our 30 prototype Dusters. Which we guess we won’t be seeing again any time soon…

Bluetooth Connection!

Sony Duster We were Bluetooth’s APP OF THE MONTH in January, and were featured in their online catalogue as a ‘Startup to Watch’. We use Bluetooth Low Energy modules in our Dusters, which transmit gaming information to your smartphones, to be uploaded to the Dustcloud.